Bluehost Review - What should you know about Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies globally today. However, did you know how it started?
It was established by Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton in Provo. Since then, it has rapidly grown and currently employs over 750 people. It is into the distinction of being the number 1 host recommendation by They offer one-click WordPress installation plans due to which they are one of the best hosting providers when you want to install WordPress.
The history of Bluehost dates back to 1996. Before you choose any package, it is better to go through this post to know the nitty-gritty. Also, in the end, you will find an exceptional deal that will help you in cutting down on your hosting costs with Bluehost.

Sneak Peek into the Customer Dashboard:

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Now that you know how the customer dashboard looks like, it is time to dig deeper into Bluehost so that you can make an informed decision. Over the years, they have gained the distinction of one of the best hosts for WordPress blogs and websites. It is because they offer ample resources, bonuses as well as tools for WordPress sites. Before you make your buying decision, it is essential to know a few facts about this host.

• The hosting plans are such that they might be cheap. However, not all of them are cheap. When you opt for shared hosting, you will have to pay only $ 2.95 per month. Under normal circumstances, the cost is $ 7.99 per month. On the other hand, however, WordPress plans start at $ 12.49 monthly.

• One thing which goes to their credit is that you get unmetered bandwidth on every hosting package.

• Even the starter plan will allow you to create 100 email accounts. The plus plan, as well as the business pro plan, will allow you to create unlimited email accounts. These plans are perfect for small and large businesses.

• The amount which you are spending on hosting can be recouped in the form of marketing credit. It offers you $ 200 in marketing bonuses.

• Bluehost offers you cPanel, which makes it easy for you to create and control your website.

These are some FAQs of Bluehost, which not everyone knows. Now that you are aware of them, let us discuss the hosting plans which they have on offer. Which Bluehost hosting package should you go with? In total, Bluehost offers five different hosting plans. These include:

• Shared Hosting

• Dedicated Hosting

• VPS Hosting

• Wordpress Hosting

• Cloud Sites

We will go into the details of all of these hosting plans below.

• Shared hosting:

If you’re just starting your online website or small business, the shared hosting plan is best for you. It offers more than enough resources.

• Dedicated hosting:

If your site is already successful and receives thousands of visitors per month, dedicated hosting is a good option for you. Dedicated hosting might be expensive but provides you with complete control over the server. It means that you are renting the entire server from Bluehost. Nobody else will be sharing the resources with you.

• VPS hosting:

Does dedicated hosting sound too expensive?

If yes, it is better to go with VPS hosting. When you opt for VPS hosting, the dedicated server gets divided into different parts with the help of a virtual operating system. Thus, the resources which you have bought are entirely in your control. Since different customers have access to the server, the cost is lower as compared to dedicated hosting.

• WordPress hosting:

WordPress hosting is mainly for WordPress websites and blogs. The servers are optimized for the WordPress content management system. Now that you are aware of the different types of hosting plans on offer, it is time to know about the cost of each of these hosting plans.

Shared hosting:

• The basic plan for shared hosting starts at $ 3.49 per month. It is at this place for the 1st month and then increases to $7.99 per month.

• The plus plan costs $ 10.99 per month.

• The choice plan costs $ 23.99 per month.

The choice plan and the plus plan allow you unlimited domains and unmetered bandwidth. The storage space on offer and email accounts are endless as well.

VPS hosting:

• The standard plan is $ 19.99 for the 1st month and $ 29.99 after that.

• The enhanced plan is $ 29.99 for the 1st month and $ 59.99 after that.

• The ultimate plan is $ 59.99 for the 1st month and $ 119.99 after that.

The prices are quite affordable when you look at the industry standard for VPS hosting.

Dedicated hosting:

• The standard server starts at 79.9 and dollars for the 1st month and $ 119.99 after that.

• The enhanced server starts at 99.9 and dollars for the 1st month and $ 159.99 after that.

• The premium server starts at $ 119.99 for the 1st month and $ 209.99 after that.

WordPress hosting:

• The basic plan for WordPress hosting starts at $ 2.95 for a 36-month subscription.

• The plus plan for WordPress starts at $ 5.45 per month. It is also for a 36-month subscription.

• The choice plus starts at $ 5.45 per month, and it is once again for a 36-month subscription.

Bluehost also offers WordPress pro plans.

WordPress pro: WordPress pro plan is much more expensive than standard WordPress hosting. It consists of a VPS server that has been optimized for WordPress. It includes many features like daily backups, malware detection, 100 premium themes, marketing center access, and so on. Features for e-commerce businesses: Bluehost also goes the extra mile for e-commerce businesses. It allows you to install different shopping carts with the help of a single click. It offers SSL security, as well.

With the plus level of the shared hosting, you get unmetered bandwidth, which can come in handy for e-commerce stores. In addition to that, it offers $ 200 in free marketing credits as well, which can help you market your store. With all these benefits, if you’re looking to set up an e-commerce store on Bluehost, you will find it easy.

Bluehost security features:

Bluehost also offers plenty of security measures as well. It has 3-level anti-spam protection. In addition to that, it has password-protected directories as well, which means that your files are entirely safe.

With the help of secure shell access, you can be sure that each one of your files is secured. You can also block and blacklist various IP addresses from accessing the website that can help you in keeping your website completely safe.

Bluehost can also help you integrate your website with cloud fare, which means that you can thwart DDOS attacks quite easily.

With so many features on offer, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for Bluehost. It takes care of your every hosting need. Moreover, it has plans for almost every type of website or business. You can choose one that fits matches your budget and also provides you with the right amount of resources.

Thus, if you’re still not sure about Bluehost, it is a host which you should go with.

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